The Covert Specialist: Lover of details. He takes notice of things most wouldn’t, like the exact shade of red of a curtain,
or the wear on the knees of a gentleman’s trousers.
The Hit Man: Silence is his great companion. Why use words when actions speak infinitely louder?
Violence is ugly, but so is the world; a necessary sin.
The Messenger: Ignorance may keep him alive—if it doesn’t kill him first.
The Mediator: He’s her shield, not her sword but sometimes the best offense is defense.
The Fake Heir: If he is to tell the truth, he no longer remembers who he once was.
The Spy: Scruples are meaningless. Honor is for the dead. Revenge is his.
The Informant: He never wanted any part of it but he can’t turn his back on his own blood.
The Gossip: Appearances can be deceiving and deadly. She’s as cruel as the world. It’s easy when you have nothing to lose.

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